Contemporary Rural

As an age-in-place residence, this small home emphasizes its relationship to the immediate surroundings and climate friendly design. Built aside a railroad berm used a century ago to load sugar beets from the local high plain farms of Northern Colorado the form re-imagines the barn gambrel roof. Slicing this simplified massing provides an exchange with the land and sky. Sunrise and sunset windows captures the bookends of the day.sugarbeets

Traditional materials and techniques are used in novel ways. Subway tile set to the eastern exterior redirects sun onto the wind protected outdoor living space. Nail-lam 2×4 finished floor lowers materials cost and provides elevation for a sunken shower and door thresholds. Vertical lap siding plays with one of the most basic local vernaculars. A barn door for the oversized living room window controls interior light and heat.

The foam free high performance envelope and windows reduces energy consumption by 80% of code and allows a small heat pump water heater to supply both domestic hot water and space heating, freeing the owners from most of thier utility bills for the life of the residence. The interior maintains extraordinary comfort no matter the weather conditions or if the power goes out, assuring resilience.

In design development as a certified Passive House.