A unique coffee experiance




We are upcycling a classic 1979 Toyota camper from the ground up. The state of the art truck includes a 1kWhr solar array to power everything so we don’t need a generator. The unique design includes a full coffee bar to the rear and a walk-up and drive-up window to the side.


It features a coffee maker, double group pull espresso machine, refrigerator, cold storage, and heating oven.

The truck can go just about anywhere and is fully stocked. We will offer great espresso drinks, a chi bar, breakfast burritos and baked goods, and of course a great cup of shade grown fair trade coffee.

Solar off grid system, so no noisy generator

A translucent skin lights up at night

Open counter for a more intimate coffee interaction

The mural: commissioned artwork featured on truck

Little Free Library: take a book, leave a book

Online bulletin board: place your business card on our website

Mobile art projector: back projected imagery

Mobile hotspot: internet access onsite

On board music: state of art sound system

Featuring locally crafted artisan products

…and great espresso

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