Passive House is now being recognized within the US as a new potentially game changing model for sustainable design.

+ Because the thermal envelope and windows are so well insulated a Passive House building is the most comfortable type of construction. Surfaces are radiantly neutral so even when is is extremely cold or warm outside occupants may not even know.

+ Passive House is also one of the healthiest building standards available. With virtually zero uncontrolled air infiltration a building has complete controllability of air quality with the HRV system and HEPA filters. Residents with chemical sensitivity, allergies, asthma or other medical issues have the best option of environmental control in a Passive House building with proper consideration of building materials and furnishings. Young children are particularly vulnerable to chemical stresses and will benefit the most from Passive House building. Indoor air environmental awareness could be a significant factor in a consumer’s preference for living in Passive House certified homes.

+ Passive House is craftsmanship in building for the 21st century. From complete energy modeling to meticulous details in construction to real-time bench mark performance testing Passive House introduces the best building system currently available for your project.

+Durability of the building system comes from the elimination of moisture laden air from rotting walls and growing mold and fungus. Exacting detailing around envelope penetrations protects sills, siding and other exterior elements from long term damage.

+ Because of the capacity of a Passive House to maintain temperature even during extreme weather, power outages, and other events do not adversely affect the livability. Resilience may not be the first reason to design a Passive House but it is reassuring to know that the home will be very comfortable even without the power on.

This is just the beginning of what makes a great building. A highly functional floor plan, safe non-toxic materials, excellent attention to detail and beautiful site appropriate design comes together in creating the highest quality living and working environment. We strive to assess all sustainable options of a design to minimize the environmental impact while achieving a stunning end result.

Implementation of the design standard is critical at the beginning of the design phase for optimal performance and value.