Writer and designer for environmentally responsible building.


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I often get asked what I do and have not come up yet with a clever answer. So I will start with where I am.

I have lived off grid in the Colorado Foothills since 1996 with my wife Jennie Kiessling, an artist whose work rethinks American Western landscape painting.

I have recently released the book [ours] Hyperlocalization of Architecture published by eVolo.

I specialize in passive house consulting, contemporary environmental architectural design, and ongoing sustainable architectural blog and magazine contributions.

I also give talks worldwide on the evolution of sustainable architecture. I also received the 2017 Grand Over All Winner of the Green Home of the Year Award from Green Builder Magazine. But I am not afraid to try new things that challenge myself and the status quo.

I am a recovering builder, I was chair of the Northern Colorado Energy Society and am founder of Passive House Rocky Mountains, former and future mediator, and have spent innumerable hours attempting to weave the big picture of energy, materials and aesthetics with the particulars of building science, materiality, and visual arts and architecture.

Building is about investigating– what it means to live lightly and well on an inherited Earth. No building project is done in a vacuum. I work with talented teams to develop robust and elegant design solutions for low impact buildings and spread the word about them.

I believe the best way to change the construction industry is design and build well beyond what is considered possible, and let the industry respond.




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